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Who We Are…

Central Florida’s Locally Grown Market was created by the nonprofit organization Access Local Food, Inc. All proceeds from the Market go to support Access Local Food, Inc.

Access Local Food, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate the community about access to local sustainable agriculture and provide the community with locally grown agriculture.

Access Local Food has created 3 main programs to fulfill their mission. The first program is to create, promote, and operate Central Florida’s Locally Grown Market; The second program is to establish a Small Scale Farm (5 acres) that will have three main focuses: operate a sustainable farm, provide local agriculture research and development, provide local agriculture consulting and technical support. The third program is an effort to support Florida’s Farm to School program by supply the local school districts with local produce. Together, Central Florida’s Locally Grown Market, the Small Scale Farm, and the Farm to School program support Access Local Foods mission. By supporting Central Florida’s Locally Grown Market, you are supporting the future a local agriculture.

Why Support the Locally Grown Market?

The Fresher the Healthier! The Market strives to provide you with the freshest produce available. Often times the produce has been harvested less than 24 hours before it was delivered! Fresh raw vegetables, like those provided by the Market, are packed with far more nutrients than what is available in your local grocery store.

Directly Support the Local Economy! When shopping at the Market, you will notice the grower of each item is listed with that item. We deal directly with the growers to ensure the highest quality produce for the consumer.

Eating Local is Eco-Friendly! “Food Miles” are the number of miles food has to travel from where it was harvested to where it will be consumed. The farther your food has to travel, the greater the amount of polluntants emitted.

Of course, we could go on and on but the three examples listed above are a good start. For additional information of the benefits of eating local, click here!


In order to serve and maintain your account, we require a $25 membership fee. This fee includes up to 3 thermal bags for delivery (one for produce, one for beef, and one for poultry). Also, you will receive exclusive member emails for coupons to local businesses, discounts and deals from the market, and notifications when new growers and items are introduced to the market.

The Central Florida Locally Grown Market is a program of Access Local Food, Inc., a not-for-proit organization located right here in Central Florida!

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